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What is AND RADIO?

AND RADIO is a station filled with great music: classic tracks from the great artists... the very best of modern day (much of which is never played on mainstream commercial radio stations) ... together with songs from our own gifted local bands and singers - past and present! AND RADIO is a station more interested in its listeners and music than its commercials. I think that's makes it worth advertising on. 


AND RADIO is an internet radio station from Southampton. Its different and innovative. Minimum chat, maximum music and a quality platform to hear and promote new artists local and international.

It will be quirky, eclectic, surprising and fun. But most of all it will have great music. Lots and lots of great music!

Who is it for? It's for everyone! The best of the old, the best of the new, mixed together into the most listenable eclectic collection of tunes on the planet. AND RADIO ... it's going to change things!

What son or daughter doesn't secretly love the great records they grew up with at home? AND what Mum or Dad doesn't occasionally admit to liking some new tune? It's the mind numbing formula commercial offal in the middle that most of them don't like. Which is great news, because on AND RADIO there isn't any. Just great music!

Want to know more?

The greatest music of all time


Another difference with AND RADIO is that it will play clusters of artists and their music. we don’t see the reasoning behind 24 hours with no repeat of either artist or track? If you hear one of your favourite artists or a cool new track, do you really want to wait 3 days to maybe hear some more? On AND RADIO there could be more coming along over the next couple of hours!


Unlike other stations AND RADIO will also play those great album tracks we all love but have perhaps forgotten about and never hear unless we own the album.

Classic Albums, Artist and Band Showcases


Every weekday 4-5pm we'll be playing an entire hour of just one artist band or album. No ads, jingles or anything else. Just the music. Now where on earth does any other commercial radio station do that?

Lost recordings


Uniquely AND RADIO will also air recordings of old local bands. There are some lost masterpieces out there. Trust me. Many of us remember the vinyl and cassette generation and can’t wait to play some awesome tracks to their old and soon to be, new fans!


The latest releases! The newest stars!


As part of The AND Guide family, AND RADIO is already being supported and asked by Record Labels, PR Companies and Promoters to play their latest releases. Indeed we’ve already invoiced international promoters for paid playlist entries. So don’t simply assume AND RADIO is FOR Southampton. AND RADIO is the internet radio station FROM Southampton, but FOR ... everywhere!

Hear visiting Artists


How's this for an idea? In AND RADIO you can hear recordings from visiting artists to the Southampton region with a track directly after the venue's “Coming soon to The 1865” (for instance), soundbite. 


Contact us now if you'd like to include your venue on our growing list of Southampton Venues already signed inc: O2 Guildhall, The 1865, Concorde, Liberty's Bar, Chalet, Crammed Inn, The Dolphin & The Brook. 

Live Lounge


Any decent radio station has to have a live lounge. And we've got the best! We’ve struck a deal with a top local studios to record singer songwriters and acoustic musicians for our Live Lounge with lucky winners chosen from our regular competitions.

These and other live sessions might even find themselves on Silentrooms Tv Youtube Channel. So listen in for details. 


AND RADIO Station Music Policy


What’s the Station Policy? Eclectic. Anything goes, but Martin's got to like it. We've tried out our playlists on people from 21 to 65 for over 4 months before launching the station and the reaction has been simply overwhelming. The overriding comment is "it's just one great track after another!" with our favourite quote "I love this station, theres some weird shit on it. It's great!" So we're sticking with it.


How to get AND RADIO


AND RADIO is available online now (top of the page) anywhere you can get wifi or stream data. We've even reduced the quality of the stream to save your download pennies. But you wont notice any difference anywhere but in your account. Plus it will be available via dedicated embedded players on 3rd party sites very soon. (You could have one on yours? Ask us). It will also be available to stream from most RADIO Streaming apps such as TUNE IN & Streema. 




Ah the most important question to a new radio station. "Who's listening?" The answer ... we don't know yet. But we are in the process of shed loads of advertising and initiatives to make sure we are 'out there' from the start! One of our many unique ideas is the Listener Pledge for free publicity (BELOW). We have over 60 local companies including, hairdressers, bars, cafes, shops, builders, clubs, showrooms and offices already signed. So, conservatively assuming an average of just 20 people per venue, thats at least 1,200 listeners per day right there!

Liberty's Bar in the centre of Southampton asked to be the first place to be allowed to say "they're broadcasting it". They wanted to play it during the Music In The City Venue for which they are venue. They had 100's of visitors during the day.

In addition a number of locally known presenters and performers will be hosting specialist shows. They all come with an army of fans, as will the local bands whose tracks we are also looking forward to playing.

Plus, with sponsors for our specialist shows, our niche audiences should also be healthy. The world famous jazz venue The Concorde has jumped at the chance to be the first sponsor of our Jazz Lounge show. With a database of many thousands, a Facebook page with over 8K LIKES and around 10k post engagements a week, we're expecting a healthy audience from jazz enthusiasts. 

So how many listeners will we have? We don't know yet. But we're quietly confident.



That would be fantastic! Thank you! Please share this website with your known Universe.
You can do that by emailing this website: 
 www.andradio.co.uk or sharing our Facebook post by clicking:   www.facebook.com/theandguide




The LISTENER Pledge - the local marketing no brainer of no brainers!


We are taking pledges from businesses and organisations to play it. Currently I have over 60 including: hairdressers, shops, pubs and venues. The list is growing daily. Expect that number to swell considerably
once this website, apps and links are made public.


Perhaps you have or know a business that would like to take the LISTENER PLEDGE?

They get a name check on the radio and a listing in The AND Guide for as long as they agree to it.
AND all they have to do is listen to great music! It’s the all time advertising no brainer!


Email us at info@andradio.co.uk