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What is AND RADIO?
AND RADIO is the ground-breaking
internet radio station from Southampton!


It’s absolutely filled with music … great music! Much, much, more music than the commercial radio stations that shout “More Music!” in between their batches of up to 10 adverts at a time. Music from every era and genre … with classic tracks from legendary artists, the best of modern day, beloved album tracks and rareties ... together with songs from our own gifted local bands and singers … past and present! AND RADIO is all about the music!


Oh and because we hate commercials,  AND RADIO doesn’t have any. Just lovely show sponsors to help us bring it all to you! 

Who is AND RADIO for?

AND RADIO is for everyone that loves music! The best of the old, the cream of the new, all mixed together into the most listenable eclectic collection of tunes on the planet. AND RADIO ... it's going to change things!

What son or daughter doesn't secretly love the great records they grew up with at home? AND what Mum or Dad doesn't occasionally admit to liking some new tune? It's the mind numbing formula commercial offal in the middle that most of them don't like. Which is great news, because on AND RADIO there isn't any. Just great music with no advertising!

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Listening to my favourite tracks while working late one night, it occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t the only person that enjoyed eclectic playlists … with favourite artists from different genres, playing favourite tunes?


So I thought I’d ask people. Turns out that many of us prefer to listen to a variety … and with that, the idea of AND RADIO - a station that throws out the rulebook - was born. A station with presenter shows as the rarity not the norm … with old and new mixed together with the never heard of, just the music I love, past and present, famous or should be famous, rock to jazz, indie to world. If I like it … AND RADIO will play it.


The greatest music of all time

A noticeable difference with AND RADIO to other stations, is that it might play clusters of artists and their music. I don’t see the reasoning behind 24 hours with no repeat of either artist or track? If you hear one of your favourite artists or a cool new track, do you really want to wait until tomorrow to maybe hear some more? On AND RADIO there could be another in the next couple of hours or even as the next track!

Unlike other stations AND RADIO also plays those rarely heard album tracks we all love but have perhaps forgotten about … or never heard of. With AND RADIO, if I like it, I play it. Great music is determined to me by my ears, not it’s position in any charts or survey.

Lost recordings

Uniquely AND RADIO will also air recordings of old local bands. There are some lost gems out there. Trust me! I’m not just talking about released music either. As a musician and an editor I’ve heard some fantastic demos that never made it to the airwaves. AND RADIO is going to put that right. So … local music scene … dust off those cassettes and send me those overlooked masterpieces! I can’t wait to play them to your old and soon to be … new … fans!

The latest releases! The newest stars!

As part of The AND Guide family, AND RADIO is supported and asked by Record Labels, PR Companies and Promoters to play their latest releases. Indeed I’ve even invoiced international promoters for paid playlist entries. So don’t simply assume AND RADIO is FOR Southampton. AND RADIO is the internet radio station FROM Southampton, but FOR ... everywhere! But ... we still only play it if we like it. (Sorry record companies, I’m a pain in the arse like that.)

Hear visiting Artists

How's this for an idea? On AND RADIO you can hear recordings from visiting artists to the Southampton region with a track directly after the venue's “Coming soon to The 1865” (for instance), soundbite. 

Contact us now if you'd like to include your venue on our growing list of Southampton Venues already signed inc: O2 Southampton Guildhall, The 1865, Concorde & The Brook. 

Live Lounge

Any decent radio station has to have a live lounge. And we've got a monster! Totton’s BLACK ROOM Studios, (responsible for Artful Dodger, Craig David, Birdy and others under it’s original name River Studios) will record singer songwriters and acoustic musicians for our Live Lounge with lucky winners chosen from our regular competitions. These and other live sessions might even find themselves on Silentrooms TV Youtube Channel. Contact us for details. 

AND RADIO Station Music Policy

What’s the Station Policy? You’ve probably already figured this out but … anything goes … but I’ve got to like it. Since launching the station, the positive reaction to it’s eclectic formula has been simply overwhelming, with 5 Stars on both Google Play and The App Store. The overriding comment is "it's just one great track after another!" with our favourite message "I love this station, there’s some weird sh*t on it. It's great!" So we’re sticking with it. If you want the charts, or niche or chat … there are endless stations out there for you. But if you really want just great music with no ads, then there’s only AND RADIO.

How to get AND RADIO

AND RADIO is available to hear on our player at the top of our website anywhere you can get wifi. We've even reduced the quality of the data stream to save your download pennies. But, you wont notice any quality difference anywhere but in your mobile account. It’s also available through our dedicated iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, a growing number of online radio tuners such as Streema and AI devices ALEXA, Amazon Dot and Google etc. (A tip with AI devices though … you may need to manually add the  skill ‘a. n. d. radio’ to your app as the word ‘AND’ being a conjunction, really can mess their little AI heads up!)



That would be fantastic! Thank you! Please share this website with your known Universe.
You can do that by emailing this website: or sharing our Facebook post by clicking:

But if you really, really, want to help? 10 personal messages recommending AND RADIO is much, much more likely to work than simply posting it on your Facebook feed.

All you need to do is copy and paste this line into any of your social media message apps and send it to people you think would enjoy the station:

“Hi (insert name), I’ve just discovered this fantastic online radio station and I thought you’d like it. It has no ads … just great music ... with personality!"

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THE LISTENER PLEDGE  the local marketing no brainer of no brainers!

We are taking pledges from businesses and organisations to play AND RADIO 

In exchange they get a name check on the radio and their logo & link to their website  from othis website. AND all they have to do is listen to great music! AND let us tell people they're listening.
It’s the all time advertising no brainer!

Perhaps you have or know a business that would like to take the LISTENER PLEDGE?


Use the CHAT BOX now (bottom right) - or email us at 

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