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There are 3 ways to get your music played on AND RADIO:

Are you a musician or a band?

Think you've recorded a great track that the world needs to hear? Then let it hear it!

AND RADIO is your opportunity platform, giving you as an artist, as much influence on the station as a record label or professional plugger! 

There are 3 ways to get your music played on AND RADIO:

1:  on “The Undiscovered Show”

2:  by winning a studio session for our Live Lounge (Listen in for details)
3:  by being accepted for the General Playlist

To be included on the General Playlist there will be a one off cost £25 per track accepted (Early Bird rate. Rate will be reappraised once station is established). The cost is a once only charge and means the track will be available to be played on the station forever, or until you want it removed.

For a track to be entered onto the playlist, it first needs to be sent for consideration. If I think the track suits AND RADIO you will then be invoiced £25 plus vat (£30). As soon as it’s paid it’ll be entered into the system.


In addition, playlisted local artists will also be listed with basic details in The AND Guide the issue it’s accepted.

Why are we charging to be on the station?


We're not. We'll happily include tracks we like on the weekly Undiscovered Show. We're charging to be on the playlist. The choice is yours. To be on once for free, or regularly, with The Beatles, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons etc. As most of the station’s cost is to PRS to allow AND RADIO to play The Beatles, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and any of the world’s greatest artists. If you're serious about being in the music business, there really is only one choice. AND for those that are serious it seems only fair to ask new artists that will benefit, to chip in. 


Record labels and promoters pay a small fortune (Sometimes a large fortune. Want to see how Pitbull, Snoopdog, Joss Stone and others get on radio playlists? Click here for some free advice and costs: www.pluggers.com/costs) to get their artists on radio playlists. We're giving you the same power as a record company for just £25.

Some straight talking ...

The choice to pay or not to pay is of course yours. I'm not going to get rich from a few dozen £25's. But by paying just a little to get on the general playlist it shows me you're serious. I'm serious. I've stuck my neck out and money in. So I don't think its unreasonable of me to expect you to show me you're serious too. 


Ask yourself, if you don’t think your song is worth spending £25 to get on a radio playlist, is it worth anyone risking their listeners turning off when they play it? Almost certainly not. If you don't believe in it ... why should anyone else? 

But if you have and you do … and I truly hope you do (or you should just give up now and do something else) get it over to me because I really want to hear it! It just might be AND RADIO’s first #1 in our charts!



So ... having decided, is it better to wait until AND RADIO is better established?

No. The benefits of getting involved now to you as an artist will never be better than now!


  1. It’s cheaper. Just £25 per track accepted, instead of £'s more later.

  2. You will be competing against fewer local artists than you might once AND RADIO is established.

  3. With less people listening now than later, your fans can really influence your profile on the station.

What to do now?


If you’re serious, read the rest of the information on this site so you can answer the many questions that will come at you about AND RADIO. There will be enthusiasts and cynics in equal numbers, so if you want to succeed in the music business, do your homework! Then:


  1. Decide which is your best song or songs. (Send 2 tracks maximum.)

  2. Make sure they are radio friendly. A five minute drum solo, dramatic pauses, explicit lyrics or poor recording quality etc. will sadly see your song rejected.

  3. Email them to info@andradio.co.uk Best quality MP3’s are best.

  4. If any are accepted you will receive an invoice for £25 plus vat for each one with how to pay.

  5. Once payment is received your song(s) will uploaded onto AND RADIO’s general playlist and also played in the 'Local Music' section.

  6. Tell all your fans to download the Apps to their phone and tablet and listen to AND RADIO. The more people listening the better for you.

  7. Get them to request your song via our website which can be accessed through the Apps.


Interested? Then do it now!